Paul Weinberger has over 15 years of experience in venture capital investing, company building and international M&A.

From investor and chairman to operational day-to-day management, he has held and holds leading positions in various growth companies and helps them scale.

Vienna-based, Paul co-founded the Bulgarian EUR26m early-stage venture fund Vitosha Venture Partners in 2020, where he serves as managing partner.
Since 2016, Paul is also part of the management team at 42matters (Zurich), one of the globally leading app intelligence companies.
Alongside his investment and M&A activities, Paul is strategic advisor to some of European's largest corporations.

Paul’s track record includes numerous successful exits and a total transaction volume of over EUR200m. Selected transactions are:​


• 42matters AG, App Intelligence (former Member of the Board, CFO and Business Development)
• immosuma GmbH, Online Real Estate Platform (Member of the Board, exited to Scout24 Group)
• Wikitude GmbH, Augmented Reality (Chairman of the Board, exited to Qualcomm)
• Kochabo GmbH, Innovative Online Food Service (Member of the Board, exited to Marley Spoon)
• 123people Internetservices GmbH, Meta-Search Engine (Chairman of the Board, exited to PagesJaunes)
• Fatfoogoo AG, In-Game Commerce Ecosystems (Lead Investor Representative, exited to Digital River)

Paul holds a Master's Degree in Business and is lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) and at the WU Executive Academy (MBA Program Entrepreneurship and Innovation).




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